Case Studies

Case Studies

This homeowner already had asthma and being down in her damp, musty basement while folding her laundry was intensifying her symptoms. She was often short of breath and gasping...
This homeowner's old ceiling was sagging in the middle, causing the corners to lift. There was also mold beginning to grow. The tiles needed to be replaced, but the homeowner...
Looks may be deceiving if you're looking at dry basement walls - they could be wet and you don't even know it! Don't be fooled by the clean looking walls and the carpeting...
Renovations typically start as a simple project:  put up some walls, ceiling and a floor and yet, occasionally a project then takes on a life of its’ own. ...
These homeowners had started remodeling their basement after some water made its way into their space. Using traditional materials such as studs and fiberglass insulation,...
Moisture and Mold are common in basements, many times we don't live there so we do not think twice about it.  As warm air rises in the home, new air is sucked in through...
This home owner in Lake Hopatcong had severe water damage to their basement. They wanted all the damage material removed as well as had a need to create a living space downstairs....
There are a few things that presented themselves as challenges at first for this project. For one thing, the floor to ceiling height is 11' and TBF wall panels only come in...
These homeowners really wanted to enjoy their basement space, but never had a finished area in their basement to use. We needed to take out the wooden panel walls which was...
This bomb shelter was leaking water, which caused mold and rot to form. There was mold on the wood doors. Tri-State Total Basement Finishing had to remove all organic materials...
Our customer in Short Hills became concerned about his ailing mother. He wanted her close by as she continued to age, but she was concerned about taking up residence in a...
To meet code, 36" of space is needed from the face of stair tread to the face of wall.  Also, the floors in this basement were concrete making the space cold and quite...
Angela's small lakeside home was too much for her and she wanted to move to a warmer climate to be closer to friends and family.  She placed her home on the market with...
Years ago, the basement was the home of the mechanical systems of the home; the water pipes, the furnace, hot water heater and electrical panels.  Today, we find the...
In this home, 80% of the perimeter walls were already insulated. This had to be removed and replaced with the TBF perimeter insulated walls. Because this would become living...
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