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Tri-State Total Basement Finishing Case Studies: Basking Ridge, NJ Basement Remodel

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015 by Carl Cipollone


Looks may be deceiving if you're looking at dry basement walls - they could be wet and you don't even know it! Don't be fooled by the clean looking walls and the carpeting in this homeowner's before pictures as there are many problems in this basement area.  The walls are sheet rock and as sheet rock is an organic material, mold had grown. The basement is wet and musty. There is also traditional carpeting on top of the concrete floors. These are all organic materials which means they attracted mold and mildew. When organic materials get wet and you don't take care of it right away, things will rot. We were able to come in and take care of these problems for this homeowner!


We always recommend to our customers not to use organic materials in their basement areas because the basement environment typically supports mold and mildew growth. The TBF products used in this homeowner's basement were made specifically for the lower level of the home. For example, we installed our ceiling tiles that are made out of a mineral fiber that is mold and mildew resistant.

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