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Tri-State Total Basement Finishing Case Studies: Increased the Square Footage of a Sparta, NJ Home with New Basement

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 by Reina Wardlow


Angela's small lakeside home was too much for her and she wanted to move to a warmer climate to be closer to friends and family.  She placed her home on the market with a reputable real estate agent and held open house after open house, but not one single offer was made on her home.

The Realtor mentioned Tri-Sate Total Basement Finishing to her in hopes that refinishing her basement would create some movement on the house. She called us and we visited her home to see how we could help her.  We noticed a musty smell in the basement and immediately told her about our SaniDry Basement Air System and our waterproof basement finishing products. Angela was thrilled as these products are just what she thought her home needed to attract a buyer!


This SaniDry dehumidifier is the answer to humidity issues which create the "musty smell" in any basement.  This high-capacity, high-efficiency system comes complete with an air filtration system within the unit and will take up to 100 pints of water out of your basement air per day.   SaniDry Basement Air System wrings the air dry in your basement, and will blow that dry air out into and around your basement space.  This dry air will then, in turn, dries out the contents of your basement contents making that damp feeling and smell disappear.

To complete the basement, Tri-State Total Basement Finishing utilized TBF EverLast Walls and Thermal Dry Floor Matting in the Parquet design. Our EverLast Walls are a forever solution to basement refinishing.  Our inorganic walls will never get moldy, they will never rot, they will not get ruined in case of floor or leak, and you can hang anything on them including a flat screen television. 

ThermalDry Floor Matting is a modular floor tile that snaps together, each tile has raised pegs on the bottom that create an air space under the floor.  This prevents water from condensing under the floor, and it creates a thermal break by putting space between your feet and the cold, hard, concrete floor.  Angela loved the modular design of the tiles, because when an accident occurs (and it will), the tile is easily removed and replaced with a new piece.  

Angela loved her completed basement so much she almost decided to keep her home.  But instead, the first couple through her home after the basement renovation was complete placed an offer on the home.  Angela now resides in Arizona with loved ones, but has contacted a local dealer to refinish the basement in her new home.

About the author
Reina Wardlow has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Management. She enjoys all aspects of construction and specifically basement remodeling. Reina enjoy's spending time with her precocious third grader, is a motorcycle enthusiast and is a voracious reader.

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