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Tri-State Total Basement Finishing Case Studies: Sparta, NJ - How to Hide Mechanical Systems in a Basement

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 by Reina Wardlow


Years ago, the basement was the home of the mechanical systems of the home; the water pipes, the furnace, hot water heater and electrical panels.  Today, we find the home runs a bit smoother if we can fully maximize the space.  But, we still have the mechanical systems in our home to contend with. Tri-State Total Basement Finishing can separate these systems from the main living space of your basement; while still allowing for the proper access should it become necessary to have these systems serviced. How do we refinish the basement, while still allowing access to all of the mechanical systems in the basement?  Our design experts work within your budget to give you exactly the look you desire; whether you wish to create an eye catching “art” piece to hide your electrical panel, or simply want something a bit more functional such as a storage room to hide the water heater, Tri-State Total Basement Finishing can create a custom design for your basement.

Our customer, in Sparta, NJ had a variety of issues she wanted taken care of; one such issue was her desire to finish off her whole basement, but she was concerned about all the systems in her basement.  She initially wanted Tri-State to move all the items into the same corner in the basement and close them off with a door.  Of course, we assured her this could be done, but suggested it may be preferable to enclose them with closets rather than moving them all to one side of the room.  It would be much more cost effective, and allows for continuity.  You see, the first floor of your home is not all one open floor design; it is multiple rooms and closets, by doing the same thing on the sub-level floor, we give you the same feel as the primary floor of your home!


The average basement requires about three doors, but as the square footage increases, typically so does the amount of doors required.  This particular customer had three separate spaces cordoned off and doors installed.  We suggest one door under the stairs, so you do not lose 20+ square foot of space in that area.  She also had the furnace enclosed as well as the hot water heater.

Whether you choose French Doors, a Louvre Door, a custom door or choose the 6 panel doors Tri-State TBF stocks, creating closets to enclose the mechanical systems in your home is the answer.  In addition to proving a solution to a very real problem, it also helps to keep storage area in the basement.  Real Estate Agents recommend 30-50% of the basement should be some type of storage for resale purposes.  And, once your basement is refinished, what are we going to do with all the stuff that is in it?  Closets: your solution!

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Reina Wardlow has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Management. She enjoys all aspects of construction and specifically basement remodeling. Reina enjoy's spending time with her precocious third grader, is a motorcycle enthusiast and is a voracious reader.

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