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Tri-State Total Basement Finishing Case Studies: Somerset, NJ Laundry Room Remodel

Monday, July 18th, 2016 by Chris Kervatt


This homeowner already had asthma and being down in her damp, musty basement while folding her laundry was intensifying her symptoms. She was often short of breath and gasping for cleaner air. No longer wanting to go down into her basement, she started looking into moving her laundry room upstairs. She stumbled across Tri-State Total Basement Finishing and decided to give us a call for a free estimate to see what could be the problem in her basement.


After evaluating the situation and working with her budget, Tri-State TBF worked with the customer and decided that to solve the problem a SaniDry Air Filtration system should be installed. Our SaniDry is Energy Star rating which means that it uses the same amount of energy as a small dehumidifier but with a lot more benefits!

For example, a regular dehumidifier only extracts 40 pints of water, while the SaniDry extracts 100 pints of water per day using the same amount of energy. That means you get a better product that will save you money! The SaniDry not only dehumidifies your basement, but it removes the wet air and replaces it with dry air that is way cleaner. It removes the tiniest particle out of your air, the size of a mold spore and even the size of a dust mite dropping is easily filtrated out of your air! Mold Spores and Dust Mites are the main cause to breathing problems and asthma related issues as well as allergy related issues.

After installing the SaniDry System, the homeowner felt much better heading down to do her laundry. The musty odor was completely gone and she could breathe much better while down there. Plus, she saved money by not transferring her laundry room upstairs!

Call Tri-State Total Basement Finishing today to get your free estimate and say goodbye to unhealthy air!

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