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Not All Reno's are the Same

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015 by Reina Wardlow

Just because you can put up dry wall in the basement, does not mean you should.  The basement of your home is mostly underground.  This could mean, broken pipes and a ground water leak into the space. When you introduce water to dry wall, or fiberglass insulation, the result can be devistating. All that time and money sunk into a room just to have to do it again. Tri-State Total Basement Finishing can help save you both time and money.  We are the only basement finishing system manufactured specifically for the basement environment! 

Tri-State Total Basement Finishing uses mold resistant materials, The TBF wall panels, our trim, flooring and ceilings are all made of inorganic materials that are completely unaffected by water.  Our basement systems are uniquely suited for a basement environment!  Our system is the best in the industry, and the only one to offer a 50 year warrenty on our our TBF Wall Panels!  Customers who install wall panels, flooring and ceiling tiles will recieve over 100 years in warrenties!

Tri State Total Basement Finishing uses inorganic materials that are unafected by mold.  Should these products get wet, simply remove the water, dry the material, and continue on with your every day life. Our products will not mold, rot or become dinner for bugs, try asking the same of the wooden 2x4 or the dry wall installed.  Our products also come with a nationally backed guarentee!  Call us today for more information:  (973) 534-3036


About the author
Reina Wardlow has a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration and a Master's Degree in Management. She enjoys all aspects of construction and specifically basement remodeling. Reina enjoy's spending time with her precocious third grader, is a motorcycle enthusiast and is a voracious reader.

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